Geophysics - Program Information

Geophysical survey areas

The Airborne Geophysical/Geological Mineral Inventory (AGGMI) program is a multi-year investment to expand the knowledge base of Alaska's mineral resources and catalyze private-sector mineral development. Products resulting from airborne geophysical surveys generally include: 1:63,360-scale aeromagnetic and airborne electromagnetic maps, 1:63,360-scale geologic maps; and various other geological, geochemical, and geophysical data compilations.

Questions relating the geophysics program or to geophysics publications should be directed to: Laurel Burns

2013 Airborne geophysical contract

Areas being flown for the 2013 Airborne geophysical contract are all of the area for East Styx (figure 4.2 ) and all of the area EXCEPT for D for Wrangellia (Figure 4.3). None of the "Eastern Survey" is being flown.

The figures were taken from the RFP, where the digital blocks are available.

NOTE: If you are interested in flight line location, contact Laurel Burns, 907-451-5021