Publications - Sales

DGGS publications are available as free online downloads. You may purchase hardcopies or DVDs over the counter, or by phone, fax, or email from the DGGS Fairbanks office. DVD pricing is $10 per disk for as many files as will fit on the DVD plus $56 per hour for data processing for any staff time in excess of one hour (11 AAC 05.010).

For exceptionally large datasets and large quantity publications orders we also offer a hard drive file transfer. We offer two options: (1) DGGS will purchase a new hard drive of adequate size that you will be billed for upon delivery, OR (2) you may provide a new, unopened* (in original packaging, including shrinkwrap) adequately sized hard drive. You will be charged $56 per hour for data processing for any staff time in excess of one hour (11 AAC 05.010).

* The State of Alaska IT security policy prohibits non-State resources from being connected to a State of Alaska network. Thus, only unused drives can be used.

For all orders please include: title and publication number.

Obtaining lidar data products that have been released (excluding point-cloud data)

As with all of our publications, DGGS lidar data products (other than point-cloud data) that have been released are available for free download and are also available on DVD or hard drive upon request (see pricing above). The lidar files are approximately 277 GB of data.

Raw lidar point-cloud data (LAS files): release information

DGGS plans to release its infrastructure corridor lidar point-cloud data in LAS 1.2 format after completion of QA/QC procedures. DGGS is developing options to make the data available to users directly from the internet in the future; however, until that time it will only be available via hard drive. Upon release, the complete set of point-cloud data will be available to users in LAS 1.2 format. The point-cloud files total approximately 1.3 TB.

The data will be copied onto the drive in gzip (gz) file format. DGGS recommends uncompressing this data using 7-Zip, a free program available from

Payment and shipping information

We offer two payment options, prepay or invoice. Visa and MasterCard are accepted by phone or in person. Invoices may be paid by credit card, or check or money orders (U.S. currency), made payable to the Department of Natural Resources. Shipping charge will be the actual cost of postage and will be added to the total amount due. Please contact us (907-451-5020; for exact shipping amount.