Northeast Fairbanks Geophysical Survey

Digital data for this geophysical survey is available on DVD. All maps are available in PDF format in the publication links below. We are currently working to distribute the digital data online.


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  • GPR 2006-3. Line, grid, and vector data and plot files for the airborne geophysical survey data of northeast Fairbanks area, Fairbanks and Circle mining districts, interior Alaska. Line data in ASCII format; gridded data in Geosoft and ER Mapper formats; vector files in AutoCAD version 13 dxf files. Includes 13 maps (aeromagnetic or resistivity) as GPR2006-3-xy as plot files in both HPGL/2 format and postscript printer format and as Adobe Acrobat format files. For the plotter files, software is needed with ability to plot HPGL2 files for an HP Design Jet 5000/5500 series plotter or postscript files designed for an HP Design Jet 5000/5500 using Postscript 3 printer driver v5.0. The postscript files should plot on all Hewlett Packard plotters that can interpret Postscript 3 files.
  • GPR 2006-4. Project Report and Profile data of the 2005 Geophysical Surveys of the Northeast Fairbanks, East Richardson, Liscum, and Black Mountain areas, interior Alaska.