DGGS IC 44 ed. 2004

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  • Title:

    Guide to Alaska geologic and mineral information 2004
  • Authors:

    Daley, E.E.
  • Publication Date:

    Aug 2004
  • Publisher:

    Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys
  • Comments:

    Supersedes IC 44 (1998)
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  • Quadrangle(s):

    Alaska General
  • Keyword(s):

    Aeromagnetic; Aeromagnetic Data; Aeromagnetic Map; Aeromagnetic Survey; Airborne Geophysical Survey; Alaska, State of; Bibliography; Coastal and River; Coastal and River Hazards; Cultural Resources; Earthquake; Earthquake Related Hazards; Environmental Impact Statement (EIS); Exploration; Fluorine; Fluorite; Geochemical Data; Geochemistry; Geology; Geophysics; Germanium; Gold; Gold Prospect; Gravity; Hazards; Historic Mine; Historic Resources; Land Status; Magnetics; Metals; Mineral Assessment; Mineral Deposit; Mineral Development; Mineral Resources; Minerals; Mining; Mining Claims; Mining Laws; Non-Metals; Placer; Placer Gold; Prospecting Sites; Recreational Mining; Reference Information; Remote Sensing; Resource Information; Sand and Gravel; Satellite; Seismology; Stream Flow; Topographic Map; Topography; Tsunami; Uranium; Volcanic; Volcanic Eruption; Volcanoes; Volcano Hazards; Water; Water Quality; Wetlands;

Bibliographic Reference

Daley, E.E., 2004, Guide to Alaska geologic and mineral information 2004: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Information Circular 44 ed. 2004, 92 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/3318

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